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Brown Enterprise Solutions has three (3) - Master Maintenance Agreements (MMA) with the State of Ohio.

The Master Maintenance Agreements are available to all state agencies, state institutions of higher education and political subdivisions properly registered as members of the Cooperative Purchasing Program of the Department of Administration Services, as applicable.

Our MMAs allow Brown Enterprise Solutions to meet the needs of Government agencies, specific to warranty/contract needs for technology hardware and software products.

Ohio Master Maintenance Agreement MMA # 7410 (Hardware)

This contract covers hardware maintenance and repair of ALL types of printers, servers, PCs, laptops, storage equipment and other IT equipment.

Ohio Master Maintenance Agreement MMA # 7485 (Software)

This contract covers extended software maintenance and warranty services for major manufacturers’ software applications.

Ohio Master Maintenance Agreement MMA # 7145 (HP Enterprise)

This contract covers HP Enterprise (HPE) Service Renewals