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The Best IT Service Companies with a Single Point of Contact
Brown Enterprise Solutions saves clients time and money through consolidating and managing multi-vendor support contracts.
Brown Enterprise Solutions partners with the best service companies around the globe. We source from OEM, OEM authorized and select third party maintenance organizations to build a service solution suited to your IT asset age and location.
Tired of keeping track of multiple service agreements, renewal dates, and service call placement and escalation procedures?
Brown Enterprise Solutions eliminates these normally time consuming inefficiencies through a single web portal. Our staff makes the processes of IT support agreement procurement, utilization, and renewals easier. We enable clients to see all important contract information, place service calls, escalate service calls, look up call history, request equipment additions and deletions, and order supplies. Plus, our dedicated team of customer service professionals monitors every aspect of contract administration and service delivery – so your team does not have to!
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